Vector Infographic Projects


Graphic Design, Vector Illustration

Visualizing Data Through Infographics

In the years of 2015 and 2016 I was commisioned some infographic projects from a Houston digital agency, Signet Interactive. These infographics were used to support some of the agency's blog posts about facts and statistics related to digital marketing, social and traditional media, etc. All the infographics were designed with the agency's brand guidelines in mind.

Working on these projects allowed me to dust off my illustration skills and gave me a better insight on how new digital media compares to traditional communication channels and the exponential growth is having nowadays.

Traditional vs/and Digital Marketing

Marketing Today VS Yesterday Infographic

Marketing Today vs Yesterday

Marketing Today VS Yesterday Infographic 2

Advertising Spending | 2015

2015 Advertising Spending

Customer Journey Mapping

2015 Advertising Spending