GotReps, a Global Staffing Agency


Visual Identity, UX Design, Web Design

Connecting Companies and Sale Reps

GotReps was created with the idea of a global platform that facilitates the connection between companies participating in tradeshows at a specific location and locals sales representatives. The intention is that both companies and sales reps can communicate to each other and lead to a potential work contract.

The gotReps logo uses the symbol of the representative as the main emphasis. This symbol doubles up as an icon in certain situations and provides versatility and flexibility to the visual identity.

gotReps logo

gotReps logos

gotReps tshirts

gotReps tshirts

Homepage wireframe

Once the visual identity was locked down, the next step was to sketch some ideas for the webpage. After gathering the basic requirements from the main stakeholder, I was able to present some wireframe ideas shown below. The main homepage presents the user with 2 options represented by 2 buttons: one that allows to 'Find Reps' and the other allows the user to 'Become a Rep'. There will be an image gellery in the background that will show images to provide some context on what the company does and also to support 'About gotReps' copy below. The footer section includes a newsletter signup form and access to the company's social media channels.

gotReps wireframe 1

Homepage wireframe menu

This wireframe shows how the menu navigation works as well as a proposed information architecture of the site. This menu will fade-in and slide to the left when the user clicks/taps on the hamburger menu. One important fact conveyed on this screen is that the user can change his role –from finding reps to become a rep– at any time regardless of where they are in the page.

gotReps wireframe 2

Find Reps Homepage wireframe

Whether the user clicks on the 'Find Reps' or 'Become a Rep' CTAs, the next page that is served will have the same information structure –shown below. A full width banner with some contextual images supporting the copy and a button that will take them directly to the login screen where the legal forms will be filled out. Right below there will be a concise explanation on how the 'Find Reps' process works out and then a section explaining what the company offers or the company's value proposition. The rest of the content in the page consist of an FAQ section, a Client Testimonials and a Contact Form.

gotReps wireframe 3

Final design

After a few iteration and some small changes on the layout, the final design was approved and all the assets handed over to the client for development.

gotReps website