Alen Total Home Solution Landing Page Design


UX / UI / Visual Design

Custom air purification solutions for your whole house

The purpose of this page represented a challenge since the final solution achieved was to entice customers to contact Alen Sales Representatives on the phone or by email, which is not a typical solution on a digital product. Our current e-commerce platform offers the possibility to up sell potential customers while they are at some point of the purchase path (collection pages, product pages, shopping cart, etc) however, the possibility of customizing the upselling process to the customer’s specific needs was never offered. Some customers with serious health conditions needed a more comprehensive analysis of their air filtration needs and a solution for this can be having a Sales Representative perform a consultation –that should not take more than 20 minutes– to determine how many air purifiers can offer an optimal filtration based on the customer’s house SqFt and layout.

Customers are encouraged to send floor plans/blue prints of their residences by email so the Sales Representative can have a better idea of the layout and make the recommendations accordingly. Even though this page didn’t follow the traditional interactive patterns as other Alen’s pages, it performance has been remarkable since its launch a few months ago. Sales Representatives have sold more than 80K worth of air purifiers as a part of the Whole Home Solutions initiative.

Total Home Solution Landing Page